Monday, November 28, 2005


Support your local economy. Buy locally. For products not manufactured locally, below are links to places where you can buy them. Made in New England.

New Englanders -- Working Together

Best of New England is a locally owned and operated company. Their products are crafted by New England artisans. Food is made or caught by New England farmers, fishermen and chefs. (They are expanding and now include select products for other areas of the USA.)

Made in Northern New England, from The Heart of New England website, a free online magazine for natives, newcomers and visitors that celebrates the unique character of the 'traditional' and more rural/small town New England states of: Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont.

Made in New England Online Marketplace, from the Abbington Village website.
More links sure to follow as I come across them.

Explore New England, an incredible resource from the website.

Bartlett's Orchard , Four Generations of the Bartlett family have been growing, packing and shipping apples for over fifty years. Their fine trees produce an average crop of 20,000 bushels of apples every year on 52 acres of choice apple-growing land on Lenox Mountain in rural Massachusetts.

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